The Smits Camel Farm

In August 2006, 3 camels arrived in Den Bosch from one of the Canary Islands.
After a 5-day boat trip from the Canary Islands to the Spanish mainland, the animals were driven to the Netherlands in a trailer which had been specially fitted out for the transport of camels.

The neighbourhood has always been as closely involved in the project as possible. Openness is of prime importance. For that reason, using webcams, anyone can watch the camels live through this link.
Towards the end of 2006, the camels were moved to their winter home in Cromvoirt. This is where, in the spring of 2007, the first calves were born. Camel milk has been available in the Netherlands since that time.
We don’t only produce milk at the camel dairy. You can also book excursions, group activities and child safaris/parties.

Kamelenmelkerij Smits

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