Our discoveries

We have discovered that there is a world of difference between when a camel and a cow give milk. Did you know that a camel carries it’s young for an entire year, and therefore does not give milk. That, after the birth, the camel gives milk for approximately 10 months, provided that the youngster remains with the mother. Otherwise, the production of milk will halt immediately!

The camel will then not give milk again until the new offspring is born. That means that a camel only gives milk for 10 months of a 2 year period, and that is what we use to produce our delicious products. To our delight, we recently discovered that 3 new baby camels had been born in Brabant:

Sunday 21 March, Anna calved. She gave birth to a girl.
Wednesday 10 March, Verde calved. She gave birth to a boy.
Wednesday 10 March, Carmen calved. A boy was born named Hansie.

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